AJ Hauser

Shopify SEO Specialist, Marketing and Advertising

Let's grow your Shopify store.

AJ Hauser's Bio:

Reviews: http://bit.ly/YSC-GoogleMyBiz
Expert: http://bit.ly/YSC-Shopify
LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/AJ-LinkedIn


AJ Hauser has over 15 years of experience in the digital marketing arena. He is a certified Shopify Expert specializing in business development, Shopify SEO and conversion optimization. He has helped over 300 stores increase online sales.


He is also a partner at a successful marketing firm, and he runs a popular YouTube channel that feeds traffic to his own Shopify store - meaning he lives and breathes what he teaches.


A few years back he began coaching Shopify store owners on a one-on-one basis. He works with a small handful of select clients, and is willing to take on 2 more at this time. If you are interested in selling more, ranking higher in Google through SEO, optimizing the conversion rate of your store, or growing through paid ads, then please get in touch. 


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AJ Hauser's Experience:

  • Shopify Consultant at TruSelf Organics

    TruSelf Organics is a successful Shopify store that sells amazing products. In 2016 I was brought on as a Shopify growth strategist, and I am currently working with them on the development of a new product line which will be released early next year.

  • Website Consultant at Advantech B+B SmartWorx

    Advantech B+B SmartWorx is a billion dollar company on the cutting edge of internal network development. In 2016 I was brought on as a website consultant. I currently meet with them on a regular basis to help develop their online marketing strategies.

  • Website Consultant at LMK Technologies

    LMK technologies is a multi-million dollar company that dominates the trenchless pipe repair market. In 2014 I was brought on at LMK as a web marketing consultant. I currently meet with them on a regular basis to help develop and improve their online marketing strategies.

  • Partner at The Hauser Design Group

    The Hauser Design Group is an award winning marketing firm that specializes in Business Branding, Website Design, Website Development, SEO and Social Media Marketing - currently working with clients all over the world.

AJ Hauser's Education:

  • Saint Xavier University

    Bachelor of Arts
  • St. Norbert College

    Concentration: Humanities (Philosophy, Theology & Music)

AJ Hauser's Interests & Activities:

Learning. I love to learn. I read constantly and take courses on an ongoing basis. This allows me to improve the efficiency and profitability of my clients projects. That is my passion. I am also an avid fisherman and outdoor enthusiast, which is what led to the development of my own Shopify store and YouTube channel. This in turn gives me the ability to practice what I preach on a daily basis, further benefiting my clients.